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Fast, competent service even on my European vehicle. I make the extra drive to Stayton, well worth the peace of mind!


Theresa Shea Whisenhunt,

Honest hard working family and an all around great experience! Definitely would use again and trust the value.

Dana M., Salem, OR

It is hard to find a mechanic who is genuinely honest and cares about their clients. After meeting the owners of this establishment it was completely clear how much they cared for others - not so much about the money but for the quality and also helping others. They go out of their way to help others and also work with getting your vehicle fixed and the costs for the consumer. I would recommend them highly due to their integrity and honesty!

Shanelle S., Stayton, OR

To Stayton Sublimity Chamber of Commerce.

I am writing to you today, because of the service my family and I received from James Taylor as well as his son Jeff Taylor at JET Auto and Repair. The shop is located at 210 Water Street in Stayton. We had been referred to James' shop by D&W Automotive withal we were traveling from California, through Oregon to visit Canyonview Equestrian College, where my daughter hopes to go in a couple of years, and then driving home to Rhode Island.

I appreciate D&W Automotive for sending us to another shop as they were too busy to take care of us that day. Other shops had told us that it would be a couple of days for an appointment and then a couple of days to to get parts and repair our car.

We arrived at JET Auto and James assessed the situation with our car at about 4PM. when I asked if I should get a rental to take us to a hotel, I was told that we was in hopes of getting us back on the road that night. He recommended a couple of restaurants in the area and told us he would call us when he was done or if we would indeed need a room for the night.

We finished our meal and headed back to the shop. We arrive just as he was finishing up. Not only was the job that we were there for completed, a door that was jammed was fixed. James and I completed the paper work, he gave me a senior discount (that I didn't know about) while Jeff checked the brakes to make sure we were safe for the drive home.

We were back on the road by 6:30PMP that night. Being so far from such a honest and professional shop, I wish that there was some way to share the experience with other people. I noticed that JET Auto was part of the Chamber of Commerce, so I am hoping that you can put in a good work for JET Auto and Repair for me.

Mr. Warren Wear, Harrisville, RI